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Craig Tracy’s Amazing Leopard Illusion

snow leopard illusion craig tracy

The image of the leopard above was produced by renowned artist Craig Tracy. Do you notice anything strange about this photograph? After you have tested your perceptive skills and drawn your conclusions, please check page 2 for the solution.


Foreign Accent Syndrome – An Introduction (Video)

Foreign accent syndrome (FAS) refers to the condition where damage to the areas of the brain responsible for speech, results in persons developing what might seem to be a foreign accent. For victims of FAS, the coordination of the muscles used for speaking is disrupted and this causes changes in speech rhythm, tongue position as well as the pronunciation of vowels and consonants. The video above introduces us to 3 women whose professional and social lives have been severely affected by this rare mental disorder.


Business Psychology – The Psychology of Customer Loyalty

motivating your customers

Businesses crave customer loyalty as it brings consumers back to use their products or services again and again. Customer retention is a big deal across all industries with groups as divergent as J.D. Power & Associates, the U.S. Commerce Department and the Business Network International seeking to analyze it. Understanding the psychology of loyal customers can mean greater profits too, as less funds will be spent on advertising while more money can be diverted to the bottom line. Here are a few suggestions to incite this essential trait in your business clients. Continue reading


15 Fantastic Liu Bolin Photos and Illusions

invisible man liu bolin

Liu Bolin is known as “The Invisible Man.” He is an expert camouflage artist from China, who teases and taunts the visual perception of his millions of fans worldwide. Can you find Liu Bolin in the image above or the 14 photos below?