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Schizophrenia: Facts and Myths – Infographic

define schizophrenia

Utter the phrase “mental illness” and for most people, schizophrenia is the disorder that comes most readily to mind. While the disease is widely known and mental health professionals are beginning to understand some of its contributing factors, the underlying causes of the disease are yet to be completely uncovered. Among the general population, schizophrenia is often regarded as a slightly “taboo” topic, with scientific research usually being blended with myth, hearsay and personal opinion. The infographic below will present a few facts on schizophrenia and help to clarify this popular, though often misunderstood mental disorder. Continue reading


Foreign Accent Syndrome – An Introduction (Video)

Foreign accent syndrome (FAS) refers to the condition where damage to the areas of the brain responsible for speech, results in persons developing what might seem to be a foreign accent. For victims of FAS, the coordination of the muscles used for speaking is disrupted and this causes changes in speech rhythm, tongue position as well as the pronunciation of vowels and consonants. The video above introduces us to 3 women whose professional and social lives have been severely affected by this rare mental disorder.