Investigating the Benefits of Kratom for Mental Health

kratom depression

In recent years, an increasing number of medical researchers have been examining the therapeutic effects of kratom. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a plant from Southeastern Asia that has been shown to have psychoactive properties. While many studies have focused on the fact that kratom may be used to reduce pain, some studies have suggested that kratom may be useful in the mental health field. A systematic review of studies from January 1960 to July 2017 found that kratom “enhances mood and relieves anxiety among many users.”

How Does Kratom Work?

Scientists have suggested that there are compounds in kratom leaves that are able to interact with the brain’s opioid receptors. Depending on the dosage an individual takes, kratom may cause sedation, feelings of pleasure, and a lower perception of pain. One of the active chemicals in kratom is mitragynine and it may affect other brain areas and cause a stimulating effect. Kratom tends to behave as a stimulant at low doses, cause feelings of euphoria at moderate doses, and cause sedation at higher doses.

While the initial studies on the therapeutic benefits of kratom are promising, much more research is needed before kratom can be labeled as a definitive treatment for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.Even so, kratom supplements have gained much popularity, especially in the US. These products are mostly available from online shops across the world. Amazon is the largest e-retailer in the world, and millions of people buy all sorts of products and herbal supplements on this platform. But is Kratom supplement Amazon available online today? Sadly the answer is no. Amazon ceased Kratom and Kratom supplement sales a couple of years ago.

Why are there no Kratom supplements on Amazon?

If you Google search for the terms Kratom Amazon, in the hopes of buying kratom on Amazon you will be disappointed. Amazon used to stock Kratom products but stopped due to the following reasons:

  • · The legal status of Kratom

Different countries have their view of Kratom products. However, only 4 countries have completely banned Kratom in the world.

In the US, where the herb is more popular, different states have varying regulations regarding the sale and use of Kratom. The push for a Kratom ban by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) played a significant role in the removal of Kratom supplements on Amazon. Some critics of the FDA and DEA have claimed that this push was made to protect the profits of major pharmaceutical companies.

Between the years 2012 and 2014, the FDA stopped the shipment of Kratom into the US and warned citizens that the herb was a threat to human health. The FDA confiscated tons of Kratom products, including Kratom supplements from various suppliers in the US.

In 2016, the DEA publicly threatened to classify Kratom under schedule 1 drugs. This would have placed Kratom in the same category as a heroine and other hard drugs. However, the public outcry and lobbying for Kratom from different spheres kept Kratom afloat in the US market.

Unfortunately, due to these legal issues and the efforts by the FDA and the DEA, Amazon acted fast and removed all Kratom products from its stock. The largest retailer could not risk dealing with substances whose legal status was not well defined. Today, your search for “Kratom supplement Amazon” may not bear much fruit. However, there are informational materials such as eBooks available on this platform which you can purchase if you wish to know more about this health promoting herb.

  • ·Shipment regulations in different countries and states of the US

Amazon ships products all over the world. You can order products on Amazon from any part of the United States. The shipping of Kratom from Southeast Asia faces challenges due to shipment regulations in different parts of the world. It would be difficult for Amazon to tell whether a Kratom supplement customer is from a region where Kratom is legal or not. 

  • · Restrictions placed on card processing for Kratom

Most online buyers pay for products using credit cards. Unfortunately, most Kratom suppliers do not take this form of payment. The main reason for this is Visa and MasterCard do not approve any payments for Kratom through their services. 

Were the Kratom supplements Amazon sold in the past harmful?

Some people may wonder whether Amazon stopped selling Kratom supplements because they were as harmful as the FDA had tried to show. Surprisingly, Amazon did not stop the sale of Kratom supplements because they posed any significant threat to humans. While there are certainly risks to any form of treatment, no research to date has proved that Kratom is a major threat to human health. As a result, people continue to enjoy the effects of Kratom today. 

If you are someone who loves and appreciates  Kratom tea supplements and their effects on wellness, you may be disappointed to find that Kratom products are no longer available on Amazon. Nevertheless, Kratom supplements are still available from several online vendors across the United States.