Are You A Compulsive Hoarder? – Infographic

compulsive hoarding, pathological collecting

We all know someone who is an avid collector. Maybe your brother collects comic books or your uncle collects antique statues. Some collectors collect in hopes that their collection will someday be worth millions, while others are driven by a love of collecting and the pursuit of a complete set. But what happens when collecting goes from being a pleasurable experience to something that takes over the life of the collector, making them a pariah and forcing them to live an unhealthy lifestyle?

[showmyads]Everyday,  compulsive hoarders (pathological collectors) and their families are faced with this issue. A hoarder is an individual who refuses, or is unable to throw anything away. “Hoarding isn’t yet considered an official, distinct disorder. However, it appears to be more common in people with psychological disorders, such as alcohol dependence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder” (Mayo Clinic, 2011). While your uncle may collect antiques, a hoarder collects old newspapers, clothing and trash. While cable networks have turned this mental illness into a punch line, for hoarders and their families these massive collections of waste are ruining their lives. Check out this new infographic from MyMove to learn more about hoarding today.

compulsive hoarding mental disorder

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