Joshua Foer: How to Improve Your Memory

Journalist and memory expert Joshua Foer talks about an ancient technique called the memory palace and claims that anyone can improve their memory through the application of this and other cognitive tactics.

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  • Steve Bedwell

    Hi Demetrie,

    I’ve just finished Foer’s excellent book and thought I’d give my memory a workout at a recent presentation I gave for a friend. Memorized and repeated back the 16 digits from an imaginary credit card number.

    I’m now up to 20 random digits, phew! Probably won’t go beyond 20 as it gets boring while audience members call out the numbers. And, if I get bored and distracted, away goes my memory! And, if audience members get bored and distracted, away goes my paycheck!

    • Demetrie

      Hey Steve, 20 digits is pretty great! To be honest I havent tried any of Foer’s suggested techniques as yet. Not sure I could endure imaginary credit card numbers, but if the recall is related to something I have an interest in then I should be a bit more motivated. I think it would be a big asset for giving talks, which I have to do pretty often, so I might give it a go when another talk comes around 😉