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Videos about Psychology

Video: Life is Easy – by Jon Jandai

In an amazing talk, Thai farmer Jon Jandai reveals his simple but powerful secrets to an easy life. Jandai touches on key issues such as money, clothing, housing and health, and explains how he is able meet all of his needs without being burdened by debt or stress.


Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters

American lawyer, journalist and author Glenn Greenwald speaks about the issue of privacy and why we need it. He states that even persons who claim that privacy is not really important, instinctively take steps to secure and protect their privacy. Greenwald mentions the horror and humiliation often experienced by persons who have their privacy violated, and explains that it is not only the “bad” people who have reason to be worried about the reality of government internet surveillance, “good” people should be concerned too. People who know they are being “watched” tend to conform to what is expected, rather than engage in activities they actually want to do; because the simple truth is, we all have things to hide.