The Coffer Illusion

Find the 16 circles

Look closely at the picture shown above. The numerous horizontal and vertical stripes are easy to spot, but how many circles do you see? After you have finished counting the number of circles, go to page 2 for the correct answer and an explanation.

  • miss cynic

    I love visual tricks like this – I would like to know however, what does it mean if you were quickly able to see all 16 circles? Does it reveal a person’s cognitive processes? Or have I just been staring at my screen too long today that!?

    • What is Psychology?

      Hi there! In terms of cognitive processing the illusion is,
      at best, a rough measure of a person’s ability to discern segmentation cues despite seeing similar
      patterns in other contexts in everyday life. More controlled and in-depth
      testing would be needed to properly measure a person’s cognitive abilities.
      Nevertheless, it is definitely a fun illusion 😉

  • John W.

    But I see 25? In between each 4 circles of the obvious 16 there are more circles.

  • llf

    I first thought it’s the “o” in the question, hOw, dO and yOu. 😉