What Do You See? A Face or the Word “Liar”?

psych illusion face liar

"Liar" or a face?

  • Amy Fowler

    I see a face; I have no idea where the word ‘liar’ is in this?! Is what you see supposed to mean anything?

    • http://twitter.com/WhatisPsych What is Psychology?

      Hey Amy, you can read the word “Liar” by looking at the image from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The “eyes” form the letter “L” the nose forms an “i” the mouth forms an “a” and the neck forms an “r.” What we “see” is determined by our minds as well as our eyes. It also shows that our visual perception can very easily influenced and/or manipulated 😉

      • Amy Fowler

        Oh yeah, I can see it now! It’s still certainly a face that stands out to me though!

        • http://twitter.com/WhatisPsych What is Psychology?

          Yep. Our brains are hardwired for facial recognition. That’s why we tend to see faces everywhere – in clouds, in leaves, on mars, in shadows and even in letters and punctuation —> 🙂 😉 XD =D

          • http://theblackpanthers.com/home/ PsychoDad

            It really is amazing stuff

      • Casey Jones

        Any idea who (if anyone specifically) the picture is a drawing of? In addition to the cognitive aspect of what is seen by people, the pic also seems to be implying that the person depicted is in fact a liar. A possible political statement maybe.