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How to Improve Your Mental Health in College

mental health in college

Whether you’re 18 or over 50, your mental health is important. Daily life stressors combined with going to college at any age may lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. The thing is, even though we all experience emotional issues from time to time, younger adults may not yet know how to process them as effectively as someone who’s older. However, the tips below will help you to deal with the challenges of adjusting to college life and dealing with the many other challenges you face each day.  Continue reading


The Potential Role of CBD in Treating Depression and Anxiety

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An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the potential health benefits of using CBD. Several studies indicate that people who use CBD are better able to cope with symptoms associated with mental health issue such as depression and anxiety. But what exactly is CBD? Let’s learn a bit more about the incredible substance and its origins. Continue reading


Why is Medical Detox Required Before Rehab in Canada?

medical detox center in Toronto

Drug and alcohol addiction are major problems in Canada. According to the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey in 2012, roughly 22% of the Canadian population (approximately 8 million people) is experiencing a substance use disorder. A report from the United Nations states that Canada is the world’s largest producer of methamphetamines and ecstasy.  However, the most abused substance in Canada is alcohol. Continue reading


Can Cupping Therapy Improve Mental Heath?

cupping therapy mental health

Cupping therapy is a form of treatment that is receiving a lot of attention today. This is due to many positive reviews from Olympic athletes, amateur athletes, and celebrities in recent years.  But what exactly is “cupping therapy?” And does it really work? Continue reading


How To Take Proper Care Of Your Physical and Mental Health

improve mental and physical healthMany people today are suffering from poor physical and mental health, and it’s easy to understand why. While we tend to spend significant amounts of time and money on maintaining our homes and cars, we simply do not make the same investment when it comes to looking after our body and mind. In today’s fast paced world, people are often too busy to even think about their long term health. A large percentage of the global population has no time for exercise or sleep and often settles for the convenience of unhealthy fast food. Continue reading


Factors to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Psychiatry

how to be a psychiatrist

As mental health issues become more prevalent nationwide, more people are choosing to pursue a career in the mental health sector. The trend is clearly seen in the field of psychiatry, which is becoming increasingly popular among university students. This growing interest in psychiatry is important as the need for mental health services has increased drastically since the outbreak of COVID-19. If you are thinking about becoming a psychiatrist, however, there are a few things you need to consider before you commit to entering the field. Continue reading