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It Doesn’t Take Long To Pick Up the Toys When Everyone Helps

cooperation in business

Cooperation isn’t just a “nice-to-do,” it is a survival mechanism for organizations. It also appears that it is the same for the human species. Our evolution has depended on our willingness and ability to cooperate. Continue reading


Can Food Be Male or Female?

food gender associations

Is your lunch male or female? Odd question to ask isn’t it? But odd as it might seem, western culture does show strong associations between gender and food. We live in a world where ladies are expected to eat either fruit or vegetable salads while manly men consume red meat. And it is not difficult to see why we have these perceptions; meat, as a product of the hunt, has been associated with strength and power for ages — two features usually linked with masculinity. In fact, so prominent is the meat-male linkage that researchers Paul Rozin, Julia M. Hormes, Myles S. Faith and Brian Wansink carried out a series of experiments to investigate it. Continue reading


Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts (Video)

In this video Susan Cain distinguishes between introversion and shyness, and discusses the current cultural bias which favors extroversion in schools and in the workplace. She argues that solitude is often an essential ingredient for independent thinking and that introverts should not be stigmatized for seeking it out. Cain also emphasizes the point that introverts are a vital creative resource in tackling current world problems and that their talents and abilities should be encouraged and celebrated.

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